Bag Up May 4th Plastic Law Information

On Wednesday May 4th New Jersey’s ban on single-use bags goes into effect. Be prepared by bringing reusable bags when you shop. Highlights of the ban include:

The law prohibits all stores (including retail), food service businesses, and grocery stores from selling to, or providing their customers with, single-use plastic carryout bags.

No Paper or Plastic Bags at Supermarkets: Grocery stores larger than 2,500 square feet may not provide or sell single-use paper carryout bags

Be sure to bring a reusable carryout bag when shopping at stores

Takeout and other Styrofoam containers are also banned.

Mayor Pritchett, Deputy Mayor Steglik, and Township Council encourage residents to bring reusable bags when heading to the store. Together we can make the Mount Laurel community more sustainable and cleaner for the future.

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