Tax Collector's Office


We are currently still waiting to receive our 2024 final tax rate. Therefore, the 2024 final / 2025 preliminary tax bills will once again be delayed. The due date for 2024 3rd quarter taxes will be extended as always and will be printed on the 3rd quarter stub when you receive the bill. The due date will be 25 days from the date the bills are mailed.

** We will update our website with any information as soon as it becomes available to us **


Office Location:

750 Centerton Road 
Mount Laurel, NJ 08054
Phone: 856-778-9596
Fax: 856-231-8800

Office Hours:
Memorial Day - Labor Day: Monday 8:00 AM to 5:30 PM, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 7:45 AM to 4:15 PM. Friday Closed 

Tax Collector - Kim Muchowski
(856) 234-0001 Ext: 1222 
Office Email

Deputy Tax Collector - Alyssa Lafferty 
(856) 234-0001 Ext: 1283
Office email:

Tax Clerk- Carly Trasp
856-234-0001 Ext: 1285
Office email:

Listed below are options to make payment:

  • The Municipal Building is now open to the public. Residents are welcome to make payments at the Tax Office inside the building. 
  • Mail a check or money order made payable to: Mount Laurel Township, 750 Centerton Road,  Mount Laurel NJ 08054
  • We now have a walk in window located at the side of the Municipal Building. 
  • There is a security drive-up drop box located in the Tax office parking lot as well as a walkup security drop box located at the side back entrance of the Tax Collector's office for all payments. 
  • You can also make payment online through our website at  Click on the homepage “Pay Taxes Online.”
  • If you would like a receipt, please enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope with your payment.

For information on how to register for Auto Debit: CLICK HERE for process; Click Here for ACH Application Form (allows the Collector to debit quarterly taxes directly from the taxpayers checking account)


Taxes are due

  • February 1st
  • May 1st
  • August 1st
  • November 1st

There is a ten (10) day grace period. (N.J.S.A. 54:4-66) Unless otherwise stated, interest will be charged back to the original due date if taxes are not paid by the 10th.

Postmarks: Postmarks will not be accepted.

Interest: Interest will be charged at the rate of 8% on the first $1,500.00 of delinquency and 18% on any amount of delinquency over $1,500.00. (N.J.S.A. 54:4-67)

Receipts: To receive a receipt for payment, please include a self-addressed stamped envelope. No receipt will be sent unless a self-addressed stamped envelope is included.

Mortgages: If you have a mortgage company escrowing for taxes and they do not receive a copy of the tax bill from the Tax Office it is your responsibility to see that they get a copy.

Tax Deductions: Contact the Assessor’s office for applications.

Duplicate bill fee: The duplicate bill fee is $2.00