Leaf Collection 2022

With the change of seasons brings new reminders for residents. Our Public Works team would like to provide a few reminders for leaf collection:

■ Scheduled loose leaf and bagged leaf collection is done late October through the end of December.

■ Please keep all leaf piles at least 10 feet from storm drains.

You may see the leaf truck in your section outside of the scheduled collection week. When a section is finished early we will move ahead to the next section to get an early start but we will return during the scheduled time frame.

Please see the below map for this years collection schedule. To find sections with street by name visit https://www.mountlaurel.com/.../publi.../leaf_collection.php

If you have any questions regarding leaf pick up please contact Public Works at 856-234-0001 ext 1241 or info@mountlaurel.com