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Our Services

Police, Fire or EMS Emergency call 9-1-1
Court Information, Violations, Tickets Municipal Court (856) 234-2003 & 2004
Council Meetings, Ordinances, Voter registration, Raffles, Marriage Licensing, Dog/Cat Licenses, and General information Municipal Clerk (856) 234-0001 ext. 1235
Permits, swimming pools, decks, fences, Certificates of Occupancy Community Development (856) 234-0001 ext 1284
Fingerprinting, gun permits, bicycle registration Police Department (856) 234-1577
Accident Reports Police Department (856) 722-7567
Veteran, Disabled Person and Senior Citizen Decuctions,
Veteran Exemptions, Assessment and Tax Appeals
Tax Assessor’s Office (856) 234-0001 ext 1256
Trash,Recycling, Snow Removal, pot holes, etc. Public Works (856) 234-0001 ext 1241
Vital Statistics Municipal Clerk (856) 234-0001 ext 1236
Tax Payments, Tax Searches Tax Collector (856) 234-0001 ext 1285 & 1283
Water and Wastewater services Mt. Laurel Twp Municipal Utilities Authority (856) 234-0062
Administrative Offices, Fingerprinting, Gun Permits Police Department (856) 234-1414
Police Records Police Department (856) 722-7567

Other Organizations

Below is list of some other organizations providing services to Mount Laurel residents.