Community Solar

Have you always been interested in going solar, but have not been able to? Mt Laurel Township residents are now able to participate in the NJ Board of Public Utilities newest clean energy program, community solar.  It was designed so that everyone can access the great benefits of solar energy, regardless of housing or financial situation. If you are a metered customer of PSE&G, you can sign-up! This includes renters, homeowners, non-profits, religious institutions, etc. Essentially, instead of having solar panels put on your own roof, you would subscribe to part of a large solar array located on a nearby commercial rooftop. If accepted into the program, you would be guaranteed overall energy savings.  At least fifty percent of the program participants are reserved for low-to-moderate income households.  We are hopeful that more local businesses will be approved as community solar partners expanding this opportunity for even more residents.  Please go to the Mt Laurel Township website for more info on signing up.

Community Solar | NJ OCE Web Site

The Community Solar Energy Pilot Program enables utility customers to participate in a solar energy project that is remotely located from their property.

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This page contains frequently asked questions regarding the Community Solar Energy Pilot Program. If you have a question about the Pilot Program that has not been answered above, please submit it to