Directory of Mount Laurel Departments

Phone/Email DirectoryMain Number 856-234-0001

Name Position Extension Email
 Kim Muchowski Tax Collector 1222
Meredith Tomczyk Township Clerk/CFO 1233
 Brett Solomen Deputy CFO 1213
Carol Modugno Deputy Clerk/Deputy Registrar 1236
Rebecca Jones Clerk Office (Dog/Cat License) 1235
Trish Hochreiter Recreation Department 1220
Jerry Mascia Director of Municipal Services 1223
Ashlee Bobbie Payroll Supervisor 1225
Carol Ann Cammarata  Tax Office 1285
Stephanie Sago  Deputy Tax Collector  1283
George Dittmar Construction Code Official/Electrical Sub Code 1301
Lisa Rodenbaugh Assistant to Construction Code Official 1306
Jenifer DeSimone Zoning/Escrow 1226
Gerry Bucci Planning/Housing 1318
Tara Krueger Treasurer 1210
Richard Carp Zoning Officer 1305
Bruce Basim Public Work Supervisor 1243
Christy Andres Public Works Administrative Assistant 1241
Dennis DeKlerk Tax Assessor 1257
Annabelle Naidas Deputy Tax Assessor 1256
Kim Muchowski Purchasing 1222
Valerie Mazzagatti Court Administrator 1270
Judith Metzger Deputy Court Administrator 1272
Rhonda Clayton Deputy Court Administrator 1273

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