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  • Grand Opening of Community Gardens Ribbon Cutting Ceremony -¬†April 21st 2012
  • 2nd Annual Beauty Fair – April 30, 2012

    Solutions to Stormwater – Read what you can do everyday to protect our water.

    Mount Laurel Township Snow Desk Hotline is 856-996-0302
    Mount Laurel Township Snow Desk Hotline is 856-996-0302. DPW has 20 Plows out at a time performing snow plowing. Blowing and drifting snow will make road clearing difficult throughout severe snow events.

    Update on Evansco Site
    CMX is working with Mount Laurel Township to conduct remediation of lead impacted soil identified at the Evansco Site. The impacted area is associated with a waste pile of construction debris and is localized in one are of the site only. The waste pile and impacted soil is located in a portion of the site that is largely inaccessible to the general public due to wetlands and thick vegetation. The public should feel free to use and/or occupy accessible portions of the park (I.e. parking lots, open meadows, trails, etc.) without concern. Remediation of the lead impacted soil/waste pile area is expected to commence within the next three to six months, following receipt of all necessary permits


    The Township has spoke to its Verizon representative to find out the status on the availability of Verizon FIOS, as many residents inquired. Verizon FIOS will not be available in Mount Laurel this year and there is not a date known as to when it will become available. The reason has a couple elements:

    First, the installation of the FIOS is a labor intensive project. Verizon must upgrade all lines in what is called an exchange area. These exchange areas were set up many years ago and do not border municipalities. Exchange areas contain both older and newer developments. Older developments have lines attached to telephone poles, which are easy to upgrade. However, newer developments have most utilities underground. To add FIOS to an underground system requires extensive engineering, design, and physical labor.

    Second, Verizon is under a legislative mandate that requires it to upgrade 70 of the most densely populated New Jersey areas to FIOS within a restricted time period. These areas are mostly in North Jersey and Central Jersey . The South Jersey communities that receive Verizon FIOS first are those that are part of the exchange area that includes a County seat. Mount Laurel is not part of an exchange area that includes a County seat. Verizon will first focus on complying with its mandate before it begins upgrades in other areas.

    The Township is sorry that the Township will not be seeing the upgrade to FIOS as soon as many of the residents desired. If you have any questions please contact the Township Manager. The Township’s Verizon representative is willing to answer any questions or concerns you may have about Verizon FIOS

    Township Manager

    The Municipal Alliance is looking for volunteers to host events. Volunteers will be responsible for directing the runners (pointing the runners to the right direction of the path etc)


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